Stop Trying To Change The World

change the world! the world is changing so fast!
change the world! the world is changing so fast!

I wish everyone would stop yelling about changing the world. Ever since Steve Jobs said you should put a dent in it, everybody has been trying to dent the damn thing.

Why does Steve Jobs matter so much when every other living thing just lives because living is cool. They don’t feel like they need to transform everything else for their life to matter. What if an apple just stopped growing because it didn’t feel fulfilled that it would only be a snack for a bratty kid one day. “That kid is going to eat me and never think of me again. He’ll forget that I let him live to continue his stupid shitty little life.”

But we live in such a big universe that you can’t really dent anything. It’s moving just the way it wants to and just the way it has since it came out of nothing or something or whatever. It’s a massive movement that we’re all a part of.

What does denting the universe look like? A billion dollars? I don’t think the universe even know what that is. Dropping nukes? I doubt it sees that either. Creating a whole new consciousness that throws humanity into a final Utopia!? Look at the picture below and tell me if you think the Universe would notice.

what was that? you started a 3500 year tradition?
what was that? you started a 3500 year tradition?

But I don’t even really believe that. We’re part of the Universe, you can’t dent it, you only shift it a little bit. And I doubt the shift has more to do with you than the natural forces in place.

Biocentrism says that we’re constructing the universe by being the observer. Why would we want to dent ourselves? Maybe we want to just change ourselves. But we don’t have any choice but to change. Every breathe is a change. Every moment we’re becoming, you don’t become without changing.

Maybe I’m not being understanding. “Of course we don’t want to change the whole Universe, just the world!”

Jesus (and his agent and those who own the rights to his work) changed the world and it’s lasted a couple thousand years. Thomas Edison is dead and he changed the world. We remember him (he made sure of that) but he doesn’t know that, he’s dead. Nikola Tesla changed the world and he got kind of gipped. Steve Jobs, too. I’m typing on his world-changer.

None of these people are here to see the changes they made to the world, but what if they were? Would they just sit there and be happy and say, “I changed the world! I am happy to look at all this shit I changed and I think I’ll be satisfied about it now”? No. They’d continue to neurotically (maybe not Jesus) and obsessively make new shit and spread new words and do new deeds.

making change sort of permanent
making change sort of permanent

But unless they got to live forever (maybe their ideas will) they would never be able to change the whole world. And even if they changed the whole world, then they would need to go back and re-change some parts because we can’t all be on the same page. Then we get boring and die (look at souls that try to survive in cookie cutter houses).

Let’s zoom in to the only world that matters – yours (you selfish bastard). Can you change your world? I guess you could smile at more people or put more good food in your body or make more cool things. That’s aiming your world-changing though.

Changing the world isn’t a matter of choice. It’s just what existence is.

When people tell me they want to change the world I look at them and wonder if they see that they’ve already changed the world and they already are changing the world and that there is a 100% guarantee that they will continue to change the world in the future. Even after they die their actions are going to echo through other people’s actions. You’re already immortal.

I know, I’m missing the point. You want to really change the world! You want to do something great! You want to leave the most historical and loved legacy the world has ever seen! My great great great grandkid is going to be using your app or benefiting from your wisdom. Thanks.

Him or you?
Him or you?

If your idea of a world-changer is something outside of you then you’re guaranteed to change the world with your desperation to be remembered. Is that what you want to pass on to your kid? An insatiable desire for attention and acceptance (even by people who haven’t joined the world yet)?

I don’t think the world needs more people who yell about changing the world. Certainly not the ones who yell in quietly loud desperation.

The world needs more people who can, right now, realize that they are changing the world because they are of the world. They realize that they can build great things for people for no other reason than they want to.

The world needs people who recognize that people are already alive in this world and they don’t need to change to fall into some new definition of “should”. We certainly don’t need more people trying to force other people down constricting paths.

I dare you to try and stop changing the world
I dare you to try and stop changing the world

Imagine if you stopped trying to change the world. If you stopped feeling that you need to change the world to be worth anything.

Would you stop everything? Would you never make anything again?

No, you’d make stuff. You’d make awesome things without thinking about forcing the world into your own ideal.

And you know what would happen then? You’d be happier.

And you’d probably make your point/product a lot more powerfully.

TL/DR: Stop trying to change the world – it’s impossible not to.