The Masters Are Coming

[David Allen (GTD!) reminded me of the MasterMakers and showed the demand Then has for Now.]

…just like they always have been.

I’m excited about becoming a master. Thanks to a new wave of Master-Makers I’ll be there in a jiffy. I just pre-ordered The 4-Hour Chef, Antifragile, and Mastery. Then I watched the video above. I recently read So Good They Can’t Ignore You (which I wrote about at StartupBros) and learned about how mastering skills creates passion for them.

I’m excited, Tim Ferriss (4-Hour Chef) has me convinced I will become world-class at 1-2 things a year using his meta-learning tactics.

Nassim Taleb (Antifragile and The Black Swan) has me convinced I’ll be able to harness the power of ridiculous shit occurring in our world that is only becoming ridiculous more frequently and violently.

Robert Greene (Mastery) has me convinced that I’ll never need to read another biography again – he’s read them all and brought back every lesson I need to become a master.

the master they’re selling

This is EXCITING DAMNIT! I paint pictures of what will happen once these peoples’ words have been smushed into my mind. Only magic!

Then I remember that once I get there I’ll still just be Here.

I like to practice things now. I like making things now. I like living this thing now. I even like getting excited now about things that aren’t Now.

It’s easy to forget that everything you need to live a good life you already have. If you never read another book or blog post or anything you would still have everything you needed to live well exactly as you were. Krishnamurti didn’t read books, he didn’t even write them, but plenty have been published in his name (he spoke, others transcribed). I love reading though, I love seeing other people’s ideas and I love words. So I’m going to read!

I’m even going to read a new wave from the current Master-Makers who’re continuing the tradition started with that person who first gave advice or created the advice-giving ability or something. I’m going to be excited when those Amazon boxes hit my door. I’m excited to get those words through my mind. I’m also excited to sit here and write this to you right now.

I’ll keep those Now’s in mind until the Masters get to my door and remind me that I’m still here doing just the things that I am. And then I’ll remember again to master the only moment I’ve ever had.



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